With a company of this many busy artists, good luck getting a photo of everyone in one place!



Core Artist Ensemble began in 2010 with 13 professional actors who met in a scene study masterclass at The Barrow Group. Motivated by the belief that artists have an opportunity to empower themselves and each other by initiating their own creative projects, Core began producing work in 2011. Now, with more than 30 members including actors, directors, playwrights, and designers, the artists themselves continue to serve as the administrative and creative backbone of the organization, collaborating with a broader network of theater professionals to develop new work for the New York stage. 

Meet the Core Artists




Committed to fostering a community of storytellers who's shared goal is to bring to the stage uncommon stories with a simple common aesthetic, Core provides a forum for theatrical development and assistance to artists interested in practicing their craft in a collaborative environment.



 From the discovery of unique scripts, throughout the process of developmental readings, to the execution of fully realized productions, Core strives to develop new work capable of sparking critical thought and ongoing conversations surrounding ideas of relationship, community and culture. 



Byway of understated and realistic performances, the characters and relationships in a Core production are immediately relatable, and offer audiences the opportunity to witness even the most audacious stories as they unfold naturally and profoundly, before their eyes.